Tips + Tutorials

Umbrellas + Speedlites

Using the curve to shape the light best

Strobe and Softboxes

A quick way to become familiar with your approach to strobe lighting

Use a unique prop for a large composite photo

We show the gear, strobes, stands, and concerns when photographing metallic subjects, along with nearly 40 people in the overall composite.

How soft can we make a speedlight?

I put diffusion to the test on this one

What is a Neutral Density Filter and how can it help your shoots?

Folding Reflectors

These are confusing in the beginning, but easy to conquer when done right

Confused about Chroma Sampling & numbers?

Here's a simple way to look at how pixel information is stored.

Say no to Metaphors

How to NOT use metaphors in your content videos

The softbox baffle

Why you shouldn't neglect it.

How effective is a grid on a softbox after all?

I did a quick test with a single light set up

The dynamic of the "Cheap" light stand


Correctly fastening a camera strap

Some people try to perform wizardry with camera strap buckles. Here's how you do it.

F/4.5 for Portraits

We all have reasons, here's mine.

Filmmaker Fitness

How a foam roller can help alleviate pain and release tension

Filmmaker Fitness 2

Keeping your shoulder strong and stabilized for better quality shoots

Forced to use Stock Photography?

Where to find tasteful stock imagery and easy ways to process photos that align with your company branding. 

Capture all the content possible with these tools

What tools will help you get quick content on-the-go?

Social Brand Tips

Three simple tips to keep your social media strategy strong.

Why are Native ISO's important?

Alex puts them to the test to see if the theory is true.

How one video can serve two purposes

One video can target two audiences if strategically planned for it.

Composition Concerns

What you should keep in mind when framing your photos.