Personalization in Content

It’s more important now than ever to stand out when marketing your brand of product. Personalization is what you need to make this happen. Whether it be content, emails, or even in your products, it needs to be more relatable.
This is an attainable goal for you. There are so many user friendly tools to help you along the way. A few things that may help are; Consumer behavior and links clicked, data purchase history, and even some more advanced software that can help you run campaigns, and other custom content.
Here are some amazing statistics surrounding personalized marketing according to
90% of users claim that they find personalization appealing to them.
80% say a personalized experience with a company, makes them more inclined to do business with them.
63% say that the generic marketing schemes and adverts are annoying to them.Some of the leading companies in the world are using this exact method in ver powerful ways. Two huge examples are Amazon (everyone's local shopping center), and Netflix (everyone’s favorite tv channel). They use recommended products and movies that are tailored to the customer to keep them interested while browsing.

Luke Nice