Loss of motivation = Loss of productivity... Let's change that.

We have all been there before. You have a fantastic idea, you get a bunch of motivation, but occasionally it peters out, and you lose the motivation that propels the productivity. I personally got tired of this process and sat down to make a small list of things that can and do help me maintain productivity even when there is a lack of motivation. 



Give your head some space to think outside of what you are working on. A lot of the time people will get stuck on one problem that can wait to be fixed later. Sometimes we simply get too much information in our brains. Take a break. Suggested things to do; Take a walk, watch your favorite funny movie, drink some water, truly anything to get away from your work headspace.


Come back to a different area

When you come back to work, focus on something different. Whatever you were working on last, forget about it for a moment. Move on to another area. 


Try something weird

Design like no one is watching. Sometimes it is very clear what gives us inspiration and motivation, other times it is not. My personal favorite things to do in this situation is try something bizarre with my work. It may not make the final cut, but I promise it will at least get the cogs moving again. 


Make yourself jealous

Try it out. Go look at some amazing work. Watch a video, look at photos, watch a stream. Go look at someone else doing what you are doing, but better. Trust me, if you're reading this, whatever it is you're doing, there is someone out there doing it better. Get jealous. 


- If all else fails -

Get out. Grab a drink/smoke/whatever and give yourself a long break. Don't overwork yourself; your desk/work is most likely going to be there when you get back. 





Luke Nice