How to ONLY take “steps forward” in your strategy


Don’t “overcook” your idea

Letting it continue to evolve for weeks/months might be the reason your message becomes diluted. You might lose the spark it once had and in the end you’ll only be finishing it just to “finish it” and your original message will be dried up.

Keep consistent

When in doubt, put it out there. It WILL range in quality, but that’s okay. Some of the tiny things that bug you will not be noticeable to most people.  Just put it out there, and don’t get hung up on a tiny hidden scratch.

Remember, there are 2 ends to a funnel

If you don’t have some content that caters to the newcomers and some content that caters to the experts, you’re missing an opportunity. Your content is all part of the buyers' journey and the journey starts somewhere. Let them grow with your content.

Promote the content where people care

It’s easy to drop it where you think there’s the most traffic, but you’re wasting yours and their time. Usually, promotions are monetized by exposure, so think about where your money is going. You’re better off finding where your audience’s attention is, and place your content there. (TIP: it helps if someone else does it for you).

Thick skin

You’re going to need it; after all, it’s the internet. Don’t take any criticism personally. Your content is NOT for everybody. If they don’t like your hair, then that person doesn’t like your hair, and that doesn’t actually matter.

Luke Nice