#51 - Ace Troy: Life as a Transgender Artist

With the recent passing of his beloved dog, Ace Troy decided it was time to let down some walls and allow people in. It has been a constant struggle most of his life hiding his secret and making sure that those who knew did not spread the word. Although he has known for the majority of his life, many did not, and he finally came out as trans over Instagram back in February. Ace Troy comes clean about growing up and knowing, trying to hide it, and his experience in trying to deal with it. A big reason he did not want it associated with him is he did not want it to affect his career. He claims he sees many artists exploit their queer or trans identity in order to further their careers, and that is not something he wanted to do, which is respectable. Tune in to hear all of his story, talk of sex work, and how his dog has forever changed his life.

As always, thank you to Cascade Street Distillery for always providing their delicious alcohol for the show. We certainly cannot have enough of it and wish for you to check them out if you have not!