#50 - Adam Friedman

Adam Friedman joins Black Bulb Podcast accompanied by Cascade Street Distillery's South Sister Gin. Adam is an accomplished artist in many facets whether through his painting, installations, tattoos, or commission-based mural work. He is also a teacher leading a new generation of artists in the right direction, letting them know that he will not be able to teach them how to draw, and the amount of time they put in will dictate how good they are. His name, Iron Glacier, comes from Edward Abbey, his favorite author, because he has always been inspired by his work. As reading is a big part of Adam's practice, he appreciates Abbey's way with words. You may even look at one of Adam’s paintings and not realize it was inspired by one of Abbey’s quotes. Tune in to the episode to hear more about Adam Friedman to hear more about his life, his thoughts on art, and how he transitioned into tattooing.

You can also find out more about Adam by checking out his Instagram or his website.

Thanks to Cascade Street Distillery for providing their South Sister Gin. Their alcohol does wonders for relaxing hosts and guests alike. Since they have been a part of the show for quite some time now, I definitely recommend going out and checking out any of their spirits and taste the quality for yourself!