#48 - Celeste Noche: Portland's Color

Celeste Noche (https://www.instagram.com/extracelest...), a Portland-based photographer, joins Alex and Ben on Black Bulb Podcast this week. Five years ago, she left her job at a tech company in San Francisco and moved to Portland to pursue a career in photography. While here, she noticed a strange lack of diversity. She even wrote an article (https://racc.org/2018/10/10/portland-...) about it. With this thought, she created a series titled "Portland in Color," which eventually became a full-fledged website (https://www.portlandincolor.com/). This website aims to connect people of color throughout the art scene in Portland. Tune in to the episode to hear what she has to say!

Thanks as always to to Cascade Street Distillery(http://cascadestreetdistillery.com/) for their delicious spirits! They always provide a great time on the show, and during this episode, North Sister Vodka came through, but Ben drank it all. If you are ever looking for something new to try, definitely check out Cascade Street Distillery's collection.