#47 - Winston the Whale: Books Closed

This week, Black Bulb Podcast is joined by Winston the Whale, a well-known tattoo artist based in Portland. He moved here nine years ago from Charlotte, North Carolina, and was heavy into graffiti writing. After some incidents, he started to rethink his art choices and decided to make stickers. Initially, he had a clown, an owl, and a blob. That blob eventually became a whale and became his icon. His tattooing however started off by doing stick and poke for a few friends and grew to become what it is today.

He has done interviews with both Huffington Post and Buzzfeed, which were then reposted by MTV and Teen Vogue as well as gained traction on Reddit, about his anaglyph 3D tattoos. This helped create more buzz around his anaglyph 3D style of tattooing, and tattooing became his career.

As always, thank you to Cascade Street Distillery for providing their wonderful spirits for our podcast. We are always thankful to take part in sipping their alcohol as it is always a delight!