#36 - Skam: I Relate Most to Spiderman

Skam, originally hailing from North Dakota, is here this week to talk about his beginnings and interest in art over Cascade Street Distillery's North Sister Vodka. While in North Dakota, he gained notoriety creating snow and ice paintings before ultimately moving out west to Portland after realizing North Dakota does not have much of an art scene. When Skam first started learning about stenciling, his influences included Shepard Fairey and Banksy; however, there was a shift in Portland's street art culture when the Graffiti Abatement Program started. This gave rise to Portland's now large sticker scene. Tune in to hear the full story including where his name came from, being self-taught in silk screen printing, relating to Peter Parker, and his love of horror movies, video games, and reading.

If you have time this week, head on down to the Goodfoot on SE Stark to check out the Vinyl Killers show. The show will start at 5PM and includes artists CTDZN, Ace Troy, Wokeface, Asinine, and this week's artist, Skam. We hope to see you there!

Special thanks to Cascade Street Distillery for providing the alcohol that you frequently see on the show. It is always amazing, and we always enjoy a hearty sip.