#34 - Christian Gabriel: War Vet Artist with a Cause

This week, we have Amityville's own Christian Gabriel sharing a nice pour of Cascade Street Distillery's Chipotle Vodka. Christian feels his life began after high school when he joined the Marine Corps, dealing with the ups, the downs, the deaths of friends in Iraq, and coming back a different man. This led to him discovering painting as therapy, since using alcohol to treat PTSD is not a sustainable option. During Christian's darkest moments, painting made him feel that he did not need anyone else, just a brush and his imagination. Tune in to hear the rest of Christian's story!

Christian Gabriel works and gives back to the community as well. He is involved with East Creative, an art collective, and Do Good Multnomah, a non-profit organization helping homeless veterans find housing. Christian is also a co-organizer of Rose City Wellness Week, which is happening this month starting on 17 Sept and runs until 23 September.

Thank you as always to Cascade Street Distillery for providing their Chipotle Vodka! It was delicious, smooth, and has a definitive kick. If you are ever looking to spice up your salsa, try adding some of their Chipotle Vodka for a new kick.