#30 - Lambskins 08.11.2018

Originally hailing from Vermont, Lambskins (Sean Paul Lambert) joins Portland's own art podcast, Black Bulb Podcast, this week as we open a fresh bottle of Cascade Street Distillery's South Sister Gin. His shirt, based on Patti Smith's Horses, kicks the conversation off. He explains how he was exposed to art as a kid attending school near the Clark Art Institute in Williamstown, Mass., and how it shaped his appreciation into adulthood. Lambskins also discusses his layered process using any tool that lends itself to paper to build and create depth. Tune in to hear the rest of this conversation!

If interested, be sure to check out Lambskins' art on display at the Jupiter Hotel for the next two months! You can also find him online at https://www.instagram.com/lambskins.

A special thank you to our sponsor, Cascade Street Distillery, for supplying their absolutely fantastic South Sister Gin! Be sure to check them out at http://cascadestreetdistillery.com/.