#44 - Bryce Wong: "The Sandman"

Bryce "Sandman" Wong joins Black Bulb Podcast this week to discuss his work and art. His name, Sandman, comes from a joke back in college. They would drink 4Loko, claiming to look for fights, but never fought anyone. His friends would ask, "All right, Bryce, who're you going to knock out? Who're you going to put to sleep?" However, a co-worker at Nike years later asked if he wanted to be called "Sandman." Bryce responded positively, and that was that. His co-worker has been introducing him as "Sandman" since. Bryce has been drawing his whole life and attended design school. Midway through his focus on product design, he realized he did not want to draw chairs, speakers, and the like. This has lead him to where he is now. Check out the episode to hear the rest of Bryce's story!

If you wish to check out Bryce's hard to navigate website, you can find it here: https://www.therealbrycewong.com/

As always, thanks to Cascade Street Distillery for providing us with their delicious alcohol that has kept our hosts and guests (when they drink) relaxed and happy!