#43 - Manatee Commune: Coconut Water or U2 Lawsuit?

Spread over two days, Black Bulb Podcast hosted Manatee Commune (real name: Grant Eadie) killing a bottle of Cascade Street Distillery's Broken Top in the process. Manatee Commune is an electronic artist from Washington State with genres described as similar to Odessa and Bonobo. He has been producing under the name Manatee Commune for five years, and his efforts have been paying off with an impressive Spotify biography boasting of his achievements. Although this was not his initial choice in life, he had planned on becoming an architect as a kid and envisioned himself as an orchestral performer with his viola; however, he fell in love with production while attending college in Bellingham, and this has lead him to where he is now. Check out the rest of the episode to learn more about Manatee Commune!


As always, thanks to our sponsor Cascade Street Distillery for providing their wonderful alcohol!