#42 - Dr. Scott (@DRSC0): Medically-Driven Street Art

"Let's see if you last a season."

This week, we have Dr. Scott joining Alex and Ben on Black Bulb Podcast. He is an artist who claims to be shameless and puts himself on the street. He has been producing drawings for about four years now after turning to it when he could no longer rock climb; however, that is not the only art he does. Dr. Scott has been casting metal and creating 3D sculptures most of his life, but it his not a part of his current profile. Tune in to hear the episode and learn how he loves to travel, his foray into social media, the origins of his name, and the fact that he is indeed a doctor.

You can check out his art being sold through HG Contemporary in New York and see his show at Concrete Arcade in Portland.

This week's episode is sponsored by Cascade Street Distillery; however, we are clowns and forgot to bring some of their delicious alcohol on the show.