#37 - Hello Kitska: the Root of Street Kittens

This week, we have Hello Kitska sharing a glass of Cascade Street Distillery's Chipotle Pepper Vodka. Although she is relatively new to the scene, it all began when she posted an Instagram photo of the Seattle Gum Wall with a hashtag of Skam. They ended up speaking online, and after the cleaning of the Gum Wall, Skam invited her out to meet up with him, Rx Skulls, Dr. Scott, and Voxx Romana. After some hesitation on her part, Skam and Voxx Romana helped put up her first and second posters. It took off from there, and Hello Kitska has been hooked since.

Tune in to hear more about her story as an artist, how her artwork comes from her dreams and subconscious and women she sees when she sleeps that she considers her wardens, the origins of her name, and how she is jealous of artists who can do both 2D and 3D work.

Hello Kitska also runs a panel at PDX Art Jam every first Saturday at the month from 1-4PM at PDX Exchange. Artists create artwork on the spot, which then is available for sale afterwards for those interested. Be sure to check it out if you are ever in the area!

Hello Kitska can be reached on her Instagram and her website, Hello Kitska.

Thank you as always to Cascade Street Distillery for providing spirits for the show and allowing us to enjoy their wonderful creations!