#39 - Making Our Dreams Come True: Bare Bonez

A man with a self-described playful and morbid style, Bare Bonez, joins Black Bulb Podcast this week to discuss his start in Portland's sticker scene.

Originally from Chicago, which he considers their scene to be close-minded with most of the artists keeping to themselves, he felt the immediate openness of Portland's scene after moving here a few years ago. Bare Bonez initially used Inkjet printers to make his stickers and laminated them with packaging tape; however, that changed when after a few months of living here, Rx Skulls invited Bare Bonez to his studio and showed him his process. From there, he has continued his sticker and artist journey.

Also, one of Bare Bonez' loves in life is Pee-wee Herman. He is planning to do a Pee-wee Herman-themed show in early 2019, but most of the details are being kept under wraps, so definitely keep an eye out for it!

Tune in to the episode to hear more about his past and his plans for the future.